El tablao

El Tablao Taller Flamenco Miraflores

Every  Saturday night we’ll have our own TABLAO inside our workshop.

You may have the opportunity to dance for a familiar audience because all the public will be formed by the students and staff of our workshop.

The aim of this project is to encourage you to overcome the fear of being on a stage.

Our guitarists and singing teacher will be the ones to accompany your dance. Take the stage and dance a small piece of the choreographies you are learning in the classes or at least do a bulerias patada. It will be fun!

There will also be a competition in our Tablao every weekend.

Those who want to compete will have to dance a piece of some of the choreographies of the course and every each student will compete against the students of their same level (medium, beginner and advance).

The prize will be a scholarship for our next flamenco workshop Miraflores 2019.

Come and enjoy playing, singing or dancing in our Tablao!