Belén Maya - Profesora de flamenco

Belén Maya

The daughter of two great flamenco artists, Carmen Mora and Mario Maya, Belen began her dance studies at the studios AMOR DE DIOS in Madrid. Her training in classical dance has been with Rosa Naranjo and Juana Taft. In classical Spanish dance, she has studied under Maria Magdalena, Paco Romero and Jose Antonio. In the areas of jazz and contemporary dance she has studied with Goyo Montero, Teresa Nieto, and the Alvin Ailey dance company in New York. Her flamenco teachers have included Paco Fernandez, Manolete, La Tati, El Guito, Carmen Cortes, La Tona, and many others.

Later she entered the School of the Spanish National Ballet directed at that time by Maria de Avila. After a year she decided to relocate to Seville in order to focus on flamenco. She joined the Mario Maya Company where within three years she went from being a member of the ensemble to becoming the principal dancer and repetiteur of the company. Meanwhile, she also gained experience in the tablaos of Seville, LOS GALLOS and EL PATIO.

Belen left the Mario Maya Company to form her own and spent six months in Tokyo at the tablao FLAMENCO of Tokyo, together with other important artists including Yolanda Heredia, Rafael Jimenez Falo, Jesus Torres, and Alejandro Granados. Upon returning from Japan, she became the principal for the Dance Company of Andalucia. She was invited by Carlos Saura to represent the new generation of flamenco in his world-renowned film FLAMENCO. Belen's performance in this film would become a milestone in flamenco dance as interpreted by women, opening new avenues in terms of concept, musicality, movement, and costuming.

She has been invited to collaborate in the companies and shows with important dancers and choreographers such as Javier Baron, Alejandro Granados, Manuel Reyes, Ricardo Franco, Andres Marin, Manolete, and Goyo Montero. Belen also worked with Ramon Oller's Metros Company, dancing one of the principal roles in its production of Frontera.

In 1996, she again formed her own company with its first production being The Goddess Within Us, with Teresa Nieto as choreographer and Emilio de Diego as musical director. The company was composed entirely of bailaoras , Yolanda Heredia, Teresa Nieto, Rafaela Carrasco, and Isabel Bayon. 

In 1997 she was invited by Mayte Martin to the Grec Festival in Barcelona. From this pivotal collaboration was born a shared company, MAYTE MARTIN Y BELEN MAYA, the fruit of an absolute artistic connection and a common understanding of flamenco. This collaboration gave rise to two shows: MAYTE MARTIN Y BELEN MAYA , and FLAMENCO DE CAMARA. Both have received outstanding critical praise in important venues such as the Festival of Jerez (2002 and 2003), the Royal Theatre of Madrid, the Grec Theatre of Barcelona, the Autumn Festival of Madrid, the Central Theatre and Lope de Vega Theatre of Seville, the Music and Dance Festival of Granada, Teatre de la Ville of Paris, the Spai of Barcelona, and the Symphony Space of New York among others.

In 2004 Belen participated in LOS CAMINOS DE LORCA (The Paths of Lorca) with the Dance Company of Andalucia under the direction of Pepa Gamboa and performed in the premiere of FUERA DE LOS LIMITES(Beyond the Boundaries) together with Rafaela Carrasco under the direction of Ramon Oller.

In 2005 she presented the show (Dibujos), (Drawings), in Madrid as part of the Summers at La Villa series to both public and critical acclaim. In 2006 this was restaged and premiered at the 10th Flamenco Festival in Jerez. 

After a long period of study with Juan Carlos Lerida and David Montero she presented (Souvenir) and (La Voz de su Amo) in Seville, 2007, both shows are co produced by Mercat de les Flors Theater.

In 2010 she joins dancer Olga Pericet in “Bailes alegres para personas tristes”, premiering in Flamenco Festival in Jerez.

In 2011 she beguins a series of smaller works, created initially for the independent alternative net of small Spanish theaters. The first of this works is “Habitaciones” (Rooms), followed by “YA!” in 2014, “Romnia” in 2016 and “Medusa” in 2017. This works cohabitate with big format traditional Flamenco ones, like “Trasmin” premiered in Saddler's Wells Theater in 2013 and “Los Invitados”,Flamenco Bienal in Sevilla,  awarded Best Show in Flamenco Festival in Jerez.

She is invited to perform in the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao 2014.

She is invited by Israel Galvan to costar in “Lo Real”, 2012-2014, a show about the Roma people in the concentration camps, premiered in Theatre de la Ville, Paris.


Los Gallos, Sevilla
Buque El Patio, Sevilla
Casa de la Memoria, Sevilla
Corral de la Pacheca, Madrid
Café de Chinitas, Madrid
Casa Patas, Madrid
El Cordobés, Barcelona
Tablao de Carmen, Barcelona
El Flamenco, Tokyo


School Amor De Dios, Madrid

Fazels, New YorkInvited teacher in the Flamenco Festivals of Nimes, Arles, Mont de Marsan, London, Alburquerque, Roma, Milan, Moscow, Berlin, Saint Petersburg, Prague, Kuopio,, Helsinki, Athens, Amsterdam, Israel, Vancouver, Seattle, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Miami,Oslo, Washington,Toronto, etc…

Invited teacher in Spain Dance Schools: Bilbao, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Tenerife, Valencia, Cáceres, Dance Conservatory in Almería, Santander, Cádiz, etc.

Tokyo, Osaka, Nagasaki.

Member of the faculty of Flamenco Festival in Jerez since its start.

Creator and developer of a new bata de cola technique related to contemporary dance.

Develops a therapeutic workshop presenting Flamenco as a tool of energetic transformation. Uses Chinese medicine, yoga, consciouss breathing, nature and other therapeutic techniques along with improvisation and Flamenco Dance from 2014, La Muela, Cádiz.

“Creative process and composition in contemporary Flamenco”, lecture-demonstration, Duke University, Seattle Central Colleg., Drexler University in 2017.
Lecturer, with theater director Paco Suarez and flamencologist Joaquin Lopez Bustamante, in Hay Festival Segovia 2014, about Roma (gipsies) in Classical Greek theater.


Best Female Dancer Award,  Flamenco Hoy  (2006 and 2014, awarded by the Dance and Flamenco Spanish press.
Best show Award, Flamenco Festival in Jerez, to Los Invitados, 2014.

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